Boing Boing: UK is a surveillance society

The UK information commissioner called Britain a surveillance society, where “dataveillance” of buying habits is combined with cameras and other surveillance methods to track practically every movement of Britons.

I saw this first hand, as when the London Underground phased out almost all forms of paper tickets in favor of the inherently less private RFID-based Oyster card (the only paper tickets remaining were single-rideday tickets, and the LU doubled the price of those). Even the banks get in on the act — Citibank UK sent me a “mandatory questionnaire” that demanded that I disclose every source of income I have or might have or had, all property I owned all over the world, whom I loaned mney to and why, and so on — they claimed that this was to comply with British terrorism rules. When I confronted them on this, they backed down and said it was an optional mandatory questionnaire.

via Boing Boing: UK is a surveillance society.

~ by Gary Austin on March 30, 2010.

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