Flickr Bickr | Greater London Authority

A very unexpected reaction though was to our invitation to Londoners to submit your photos via our Flickr Group londondotgov.

The Flickr group was set up to give every Londoner, from all walks of life, the opportunity to create a personal connection with by getting their photos on this site.

What was unexpected was the response from a small number of professional photographers who have raised some fairly strong objections to this and highlighted some issues around photography in London.  I won’t repeat the posts here but you can read them yourself on the discussion board.

We’re going to highlight these issues to the Mayoral team, in particular the stop and search issues that photographers are facing in London. And for those who complained about security guards at More London who don’t allow photographers to take photos we’ll be speaking to them too.  As PaulRussell99 rightly pointed out – thank you Paul – More London is privately owned and we lease City Hall from More London.  We can’t promise to change any of this stuff but we can highlight it and we’ll report back with what we find out on this blog.

via Flickr Bickr | Greater London Authority.


~ by Gary Austin on February 20, 2010.

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