Pro-Imaging | UK Digital Economy Bill

It would be very helpful to all of us if the photographic associations gave their members a lead on identifying the specific concerns that should be addressed by the committee and our MP’s.

In the meantime here are some issues to consider, more will be added later –

  1. The UK government has made no committment to introduce IP education to arts classes in primary and secondary education. The fact that the public have no understanding of copyright, its purpose and value is a failure by successive UK governments to address this issue. We now have a culture amongst the young that everything on the internet should be free, and who can blame for believing this?
  2. The UK government has made no provision to address the issue of metadata stripping creating untold numbers of orphan images, yet it is considering an orphans works act. The law should make the stripping of copyright metadata an infringement offence with no if’s and buts.
  3. The UK goverment has not addressed the issues of moral rights. In the House of Lords debate one speaker said that moral rights should be unwaivable, enforceable, and that the law should be changed to ensure that copyright metadata is not stripped out of images.

read the rest via Pro-Imaging | UK Digital Economy Bill at 3 Dec 2009 | Bill,.


~ by Gary Austin on February 15, 2010.

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