Google Buzz’s privacy breach is sign of things to come | VentureBeat

Google’s Buzz is facing some pretty strong headwinds. After being hit by significant backlash over the cursory way it treated privacy settings for the new service, the company has tweaked the settings yet again. Per google’s product manager Todd Jackson,

Starting this week, instead of an auto-follow model in which Buzz automatically sets you up to follow the people you email and chat with most, we’re moving to an auto-suggest model. You won’t be set up to follow anyone until you have reviewed the suggestions and clicked “Follow selected people and start using Buzz.”

The question on everybody’s mind right now is, “How did Google botch it up so badly?” I’m inclined to believe that a lot of this backlash is probably what Google expected. Given the strong feedback Facebook got from its user community on Facebook Beacon, and more recently, when Facebook reset its privacy settings, Google should definitely have known what kind of collateral damage such a product can do to user privacy. Google’s blatant disregard of privacy issues probably echoes what Mark Zuckerberg had to say a few weeks ago — Privacy is dead.

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~ by Gary Austin on February 15, 2010.

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