Zoomit – Send pictures from your cameras SD Card via your iPhone

Zoom Media Plus, Inc have just launched a new SD Memory card reader for the Apple iPhone. So what you say! Why do I need that?

Well it is hot news, for those photographers on the street who needs to send photos from their point and shoot or DSLR (my camera has dual CF and SD card slots, and I can edit RAW in camera and save as jpeg to what size I want, as well as copy photos from the CF Card to the SD Card and vice versa.) For those covering hot news, Citizen Journalists, Solo Journalists or photographers just pushed for time and an impending deadline can now use their iPhone to send/wire the photos. No more lugging a laptop?

The Zoomit SD Card reader plugs into the bottom of the iPhones 30 pin connecter and the free app handles transfer issues, photos can be renamed and emailed (resized) saved in different sizes and different compression. (search the app store for zoomit) The app allows you to swap from camera roll to SD Card and vice versa so hi-res jpegs can be loaded into your default Camera Roll or other album.

The snag, easy worked around is you cant send/share a full hi-res jpeg from within the app as yet, but you can open the hi-res file in an other app that does FTP or a sharing app like PixelPipe.com where with one upload PixelPipe can send it out to multiple destinations that you have created or specific ones with the “@destination” tags that tell PixelPipe where you want them to go.

The Zoomit will transfer any file on the SD Card, so it is possible to transfer video as well; although compatibility may be an issue, which I can’t fully test as yet. To really freak you out and if compatibility is not an issue, you could edit the video on the iPhone using an app like Realdirector!

No more lugging a laptop?
Well maybe, but maybe not, there seems to be little place to add meta details such as copyright details, caption information; although meta data embedded in the photo by the camera should remain intact on transfer, (lets hope it stays when copied) and with the new impending orphan works bill that might well be a priority, unless you can really trust the client you are sending them out to, either way as a back up, or easy portable, easy chargeable (like solar) uploading from an iPhone could be an answer for you. There is little information as to whether the zoomit will work with the iPad

The card reader with postage sells for under £50 in the UK or $60 plus postage although there is a $10 discount until shipping starts in April 2010

~ by Gary Austin on February 10, 2010.

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