NUJ – National Union of Journalists

Journalists’ leaders are raising with the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police the latest ‘stop and search’ harassment of a professional photographer this week at a demonstration in west London.

Photographer Philip Calller had gone to an industrial estate in Hayes, Middlesex, last Sunday morning to take pictures of demonstrators blockading  import depots which distribute goods produced in Israeli settlements on Palestine’s West Bank. When a police officer questioned why he was there, he explained that he was a press photographer covering the event, and showed his police-recognised press card.

“The police officer told me that he was going to search me under Section 1 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE), as he believed that I might be in possession of a set of keys that fitted the locks the protesters were using to chain themselves to the gates. He stated that in the past keys had been passed to photographers. I replied that I had just arrived, had been in full view of police officers at all times and that nobody had passed me anything. However, not to be obstructive I agreed to the search. My searching officer found my house keys. He tried these in the protesters’ locks to no avail.

Read the rest via NUJ – National Union of Journalists.

~ by Gary Austin on February 10, 2010.

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